Former Searcher Opts to Franchise Instead

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Former Searcher Opts to Franchise Instead

Jacob Lee signed up for 10 locations in the Scenthound franchise after deciding it was a better opportunity than search. 

Topics in Jacob's interview:

  • Why starting franchise locations makes more sense than buying a business
  • Return on equity in franchising vs. search
  • Getting over pride when choosing to franchise
  • How Jacob selected Scenthound from 4,000 franchise options
  • Other franchises Jacob considered
  • How to analyze a franchise opportunity (especially a young one)
  • All about Scenthound - concept, numbers, fees
  • Franchising compounds
  • How to build 10 units over 4 years (plus the 2 key hires that make it possible)
  • Using SBA loans in franchising

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  • Edmundcain

    These stories in gaining minds have made me realise how feasible entrepreneurship is


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