A Calm Kid

A Calm Kid Podcast is a connection tool for families to listen to together. We all want a calm child but in reality all humans have a range of emotions. This podcast is a safe space to you to connect, breathe, and be present with one another. First, find a comfy spot for you both to be together, put down the phone or tv distractions, and take 5 to 10 minutes to listen to the podcast. You and your child will find magic in the moment by breathing, moving the body, listening to a short story using guided imagery, learning life lessons from the animal characters, nurturing a growth mindset by using affirmations, and having fun going on an adventure together. Then afterwards you both can share what you enjoyed together. Also, there is A Calm Kid Journal by Calm Kid that is another great connection tool that can be bought on Amazon. I am so honored to open this space for you and your family to connect, listen, and be together.
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