Lisa Ling on Conquering Self Doubt

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Lisa Ling on Conquering Self Doubt

Lisa Ling started working as a professional journalist when she was only a teenager. Her job flew her across the world as she covered the drug wars in South America to democracy movements in China. She’s grown to be a pro at telling other people’s stories. But she says: advocating for herself is the hardest thing she’s ever done.  In this episode, Lisa shares: The reporting experiences she had as a teen (alongside Anderson Cooper) Why her two male agents told her to leave negotiating to them  The one lesson she wishes her young self learned  How having kids reframed her boundaries around how far she’d go for her job Why it’s key for women of color to learn to advocate for each other in the workplace
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  • Giuliana

    I always take away new information. This is a show I frequently share with my friends and coworkers


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