5D Flow

5D Flow is an action-based podcast that challenges you to take small steps toward healing yourself. It’s for people who are willing to do inner work. Excess fat, depression, anxiety, compulsive addiction, and many diseases are symptoms of bigger emotional and mental issues. The 5D Flow podcast helps you identify and heal the root causes of these symptoms. Each episode provides a unique perspective on one aspect of holistic health and offers a doable challenge designed to help you balance your life and recapture your vitality. It’s about trying new experiences and making important choices that support emotional, mental, and physical health. With topics ranging from self-esteem, spirituality, compulsive addictions, eating behavior, relationships, physicality, and more, you will learn the tools to address the root causes of these issues so that you can live a life of freedom and fulfillment. If you value self-accountability, building awareness, and getting outside of your comfort zone, then you will feel at home here. Are you ready for a change? Hit subscribe and let’s get started!
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