How to deal with rejection as a podcaster - 1KP0077

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How to deal with rejection as a podcaster - 1KP0077

Do you like being rejected? I don’t. But I know that rejection and even the occasional failure are likely for podcasters (really, for anyone who’s trying to grow and leave the world a better place). But then comes the question: If I’m likely to be rejected, what can I do about that? Listen to discover: What I did to help get over that initial fear of rejection How many times I’ve been rejected over the past 6 years as a podcaster What I try to take away from a rejection How I dealt with that one rejection that kind of stung a little Rejection is often part of life. But if we have a plan, we can come out the other side stronger and keep going. What about you? Have you ever been rejected as a podcaster? I’d love to hear your story. Hit me up in the comments ( and let me know. We can all grow together. Resources Mentioned Full Episode Notes: (Engaging Missions Show) (30 Day Solo Podcast Challenge) (National Podcast Post Month) (Subscribe to this show) @TopTierAudio Subscribe for Free! Make sure you never miss an episode of 1,000 Podcasters. Subscribe for free to have each episode delivered right to your favorite podcast app as soon as it's available. Want to set up a consultation? Facebook: Email: [email protected]
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