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Boost your podcast by getting featured on Podvine. Having your podcast featured on our app and website makes it easy to gain listeners and subscribers! Complete the following steps to get featured for a week.

Claim1. Get ownership of your podcast

Find your podcast on Podvine through the search bar, or submit a new podcast here Click on the ‘Claim Podcast’ button, to receive a claim code by email.

NOTE - We use the email listed in your RSS feed.
Make sure you have access to the email in your RSS feed! - Some hosting providers hide your email address 😱. Anchor and Spreaker require you to turn on email visibility in their settings.

Backlink2. Get the button

Once you have ownership, it's time to show the listen on Podvine button on your website! Listeners need to know you are active on Podvine so you can start building a community! For more information on this, see our Podcast buttons page

Subscribers3. Get those first subscribers

Get those first subscribers. To get your podcast featured you need to have at least 10 subscribers in Podvine. There are many things you can do to boost your subscriber count like sharing it on social media and with friends.

Ready!4. Get in touch with us

Have you completed all the previous steps?

  1. Claimed podcast
  2. Backlinked to you podcast on Podvine
  3. Have 10 subscribers in Podvine
Then you are ready to be featured on our website and app for 7 days. We pick new podcasts every week. Send us a message with your Podvine podcast link