5 reasons to get guests on your podcast

Are you Looking to grow your audience and take your content to the next level? Having guests feature on your podcast is a great way to do just that. In this post, we run through the benefits of hosting guests and how we've made that easy on Podvine.

Introduce new opinions

Having guests speak can be a great way of showcasing different opinions and perspectives within your podcast. Whether your guest agrees or disagrees with you, a variety of viewpoints on a matter is a great way to kick off interesting discussions that your listeners will love.

Get some expert input

As well as including varying perspectives, hosting a guest on your podcast can also introduce a new layer of expertise and knowledge on a subject. Interviewing or having a discussion with an expert in their field offers and unique way for you and your audience to learn alongside each other. This adds additional depth to your content. Don't forget to take the opportunity to ask the questions that your audience would want to know the answers to!


Advertise and grow your audience

Having other podcasters feature on your own podcast can be an incredibly effective method of growing your audience. Guests who appear on your podcast are likely to promote your podcast if they are making an appearance, be that on social media or within their content. This can help direct traffic to you and generate new listeners. Remember, this can also work the other way around! Appearing as a guest on someone else's podcast can also channel listeners towards your work.


Change the structure of your podcast

If you normally host your podcast as an individual, having a guest feature is an opportunity to switch up the structure of your podcast. It opens up a chance to experiment with an interview-style layout to keep your listeners engaged.

Have different voices

Lastly, it's important to remember that podcasting is an audio experience. Having different voices on your podcast can add texture and build layers to your audio, keeping it from feeling one dimensional.

How do I get started?!

Here at Podvine, we want to make finding your dream guests easy, that's why you can now find guests directly in the Podvine app. If you’ve claimed your podcast on Podvine, you are ready to start accepting guests! You’ll find the feature in the podcast dashboard, accessible from the menu in the top right. In this dashboard, you’ll also be able to see incoming requests. To discover more about this exciting new feature, visit here.

Your next guest is waiting just around the corner.

The Podvine Family