Top tips for interviewing on your podcast 

Found the perfect guest to interview on your podcast but not sure where to start? We’ve already talked on this blog about the benefits of finding guests (plus how to discover them!), but what are the best practices for interviewing? 

Do your interviewee research

Before you sit your guest in front of the mic, take the time to conduct some background research. Spend an hour or so reading up on your guest, finding out about their recent projects and future ambitions. If your interviewee is well known or has an online presence, you should find this information with relative ease. Google is a great place to start, but don’t forget to check out blogs and professional social media posts! If your guest has appeared on other podcasts then listen to these too, taking notes on their interview style and how long their answers are. 

Prepare the questions for your interview 

Doing solid research will create a firm foundation for forming unique questions. Jot any ideas down as you go and start to make a list of questions and prompts. Think outside of the box — what has your interviewee never been asked before? Asking unique questions will allow you to avoid hearing rehearsed answers back. It also gives space for discovering fresh and creative angles that haven’t been explored by other interviewers. Avoid closed questions (with yes/no answers) but rather ask open questions that will engage both your guest and listeners. Once you have some ideas, think about how you'll structure your interview and the key points you want to include. 


Have a pre-interview brief 

Regardless as to whether you are conducting an in-person or remote interview, you want to make sure your guest feels comfortable when they arrive or appear on screen. Introduce yourself and outline how the interview will work. Discuss your interview style, any technical details and what you each would like to achieve from the conversation. If necessary, you might also add when the episode will be released and how you plan to promote it. Lastly, it’s always a great idea to ask your interviewee if they have any questions, especially if they are new to the world of podcasting. 

Stay in control, but leave room for spontaneity

While you are chatting be sure to bear in mind the goals of your interview and what you want to achieve. Keep the conversation moving and bring it back on track if necessary. Having said this, you also want to leave room for stories and spontaneity as these elements of an interview can make for interesting and personal content! Maintaining balance here is vital. 

Listen to your guest 

Listening intently to you guest will allow you to bounce off what they say and keep a naturally flowing conversation going. Doing this will also help you to pick up on details you want to ask further questions on. 


We hope you’ve enjoyed these tips and find them useful when preparing for your next podcast interview! Let us know your own top tips over on Instagram @PodvineHQ.