How to Craft a Spot-On Podcast Intro Script

How to Craft a Spot-On Podcast Intro Script

With 2+ million podcasts worldwide, how can you make yours stand out? 

In short, your podcast intro. The podcast intro is an important way to hook your listeners and win over a loyal audience. 

A study from NPR shows that 20-35% of podcast listeners drop off within the first five minutes. So, you’ll need a snappy intro to present your episode content and engage listeners from the get-go.

To help you out, our savvy podcasters at Podvine have put together this ultimate guide to creating podcast intro scripts that maximize those crucial first seconds of your podcast. 

What is a podcast intro script?

A podcast intro script sounds simple: it’s the first 15-60 seconds of your podcast that orient your audience and hook them to keep on listening. But creating this initial content can be harder than you think.

The idea behind the podcast intro script is to pack in all the key information your listeners need: your showhostpodcast goal and episode teaser. Every intro should also include a CTA to keep your listeners engaged. 

At the same time, you should write your intro in a way that maintains your brand and excites your listeners. Many podcasts will also include special effects, such as music or a voice actor, to rev up interest. 

It’s clear that crafting a podcast intro is no easy task. Let’s demystify the process so you have a better handle on where to begin.

Key ways to hook listeners with your podcast intro

To create a killer podcast intro script, you’ll first need to brainstorm certain elements of your podcast. Here are some key ways to get started.

1. Know your podcast goals and niche

First of all, it’s important to define the goals and niche for your podcast. While certain celebrities can get away with podcasts that cover random topics, you’ll want to tighten your focus, especially if you’re not known. 

For example, a podcast run by two friends about sports has the potential to be great, but you should hone in on the goal. What value are you and your friend offering? 

If you have deep knowledge of Latin America football and athletes, you may want to focus your efforts there. An intriguing podcast goal could be “to spotlight LATAM stars in the English-speaking world.”   

Now you have a specific goal and niche, which adds value and defines your podcast brand. In turn, this will help your podcast grow over time!

2. Use your target audience’s jargon

After you have your goal, it’s time to think about language. The most successful podcasts will align the voice with the target audience. In other words, it’s no use talking like a professor if your listeners are using sports jargon. 

Be aware of how your target listeners are speaking and engaging with your content. Your podcast voice will come alive if you can mirror this style. 

3. Do keyword research

Keyword research isn’t just for blogs. When building your podcast intro, you should choose your words wisely. 

Do initial research about what you think your listeners are searching for. In our example above, listeners may be typing in “soccer news,” “LATAM stars,” or another combination of these keywords. 

By getting some initial keywords, you can make use of these phrases in your intro to tap into what your listeners are looking for.

4. Stay short and sweet

Don’t let your intro go on forever. To make it pop, keep your podcast intro script at about 30 seconds or less. That’s around 75 words when spoken aloud. 

Anything longer and you risk losing listeners from the start of your podcast. Stick with the adage “short and sweet” when it comes to your intro.

5. Extract the best of your episode content

The podcast intro is also an opportunity to tease your episode content. Think about the most interesting part in your upcoming episode and mention it in your intro. 

For example, if you’re going to talk about Neymar in your sports podcast, a clever teaser could involve his favorite things. Since his favorite animal is the pitbull, you could tease the episode by saying: “Today you’ll find out what pitbulls and Neymar have in common.”

6. Create a powerful CTA

Finally, every podcast intro script should include a CTA that encourages your listeners to keep engaging with you. This could be as simple as “keep listening” or promote actions (“like our podcast” or “get more content on our blog”). 

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to connect your listeners to more content. 

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Podcast intro script inspiration

Crafting the perfect podcast intro is a creative process. To ease into it, here are some exercises to help. 

  • Create a 6-word description: Hemingway famously wrote a 6-word story. Try to do the same for your podcast by describing it in about 5-8 words. Start with “the podcast that…” or “where…” In our sports example, you could describe it as “the podcast that spotlights LATAM soccer stars.”  

  • Ask your friends to describe your podcast: Sometimes close friends or family know best. Ask them how they would describe your podcast. You may get some interesting nuggets from their comments. For example, a friend might say, “your podcast is all about our soccer heroes.” This phrase “heroes” may be useful to include in your intro.

  • Use an on-brand saying or tagline: Coming up with a tagline for your podcast can also give it excellent focus and flavor. Get creative here to think of how you would imagine a quote summing up your podcast. In our example, a clever tagline could be “a podcast that bends it like Maradona.”

  • Re-listen to the first 5 minutes of your favorite podcasts: When in doubt, go back to your favorite podcasts on Podvine and listen to how they present their intros. This can be excellent fodder to think about your own.

Checklist for your podcast intro script

Now that you’re inspired, it’s time to get writing. As you build your podcast intro script, keep in mind that you should include the following areas:

  • Name and host of the show

  • Why should we listen? (i.e. podcast goal)

  • Episode title, guests and teaser

  • Set the tone of the show (including length, quality, etc.)

  • On-brand music or sound effects

  • Experienced podcast voice actor

  • Clear CTA (i.e. to subscribe, ask a question, etc.)

  • Sponsorship plugs (optional)

  • Host credentials (optional)

  • Content warnings (optional)

  • Links to additional resources (optional)

You may also want to include some of the optional items listed here. For example, if you're an athlete yourself, that may be an interesting credential to include in your intro.  

Remember you don’t have to reinvent the wheel for your podcast intro script. You can use this checklist to pack in all the information you need and start recording your intro on Podvine ASAP.

Podcast intro script template

Once you’ve thought through all the key areas for your podcast intro script, it’s time to write it up. If you’re still not sure how to word your intro, try out this 6-sentence example of a podcast intro script template:

1. Welcome to (podcast name).

2. A podcast about/that (goal).

3. Each week, we… (typical content).

4. Today… (guest and episode teaser).

5. Be sure to… (CTA).

6. Live from (location), we’re your hosts (names)(Tagline!)

Remember that you don’t have to follow this exact wording either. Instead of “Welcome,” you can use a phrase such as “This is…” or “You’re listening to…” etc. Just be sure to use the type of wording that fits with your target audience!

Podcast intro script example

What does this sound like in practice? Let’s look at a podcast intro script example using this 6-sentence script: 

1. Welcome to Maradona Musings.

2. A podcast that spotlights LATAM soccer stars. 

3. Each week, we profile a must-know rising athlete so you can beat your friends in sports trivia.

4. Today, we’re talking with trainer Mike Brown to find out what pitbulls and Neymar have in common.

5. Be sure to keep listening to get little-known facts!

6. Live from Chicago, we’re your hosts Patrick and Pedro. Let’s bend it like Maradona!

This description is about 70 words, which is perfect to keep your podcast intro script under 30 seconds.

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Crafting engaging content is key to succeeding with your podcast. This starts with your intro script, which should include important info and excite your audience to keep listening. 

As you create a spot-on podcast intro script, remember that selecting the right platforms can help build your audience. On Podvine, you can host your podcast for free and market it to your target audience through our huge network. Start recording on Podvine to earn new listeners today.